Top 3 teas to get you through the cold

In our opinion, nothing gives you the warm and fuzzies more than a hot pot of tea whilst snuggled on the couch with your favourite pyjamas and ultra soft throw rug.

What’s even better, is when the tea itself adds to strengthening the immune system and keeping you healthy.

So we’ve put together a list of the top warming teas to help you get through the colder months.

Masala Chai

A spicy favourite with a unique point of difference.

Jade Walker Masala Chai can be enjoyed late at night without the caffeine buzz as it’s 100% black-tea free.

Not only does this mean you won’t be wired in bed, it also means the fragrant flavours of the organic spices truly shine through.

Our Masala Chai stays true to the authentic recipe, whilst adding a few Jade Walker touches.


Chai uses aromatic and warming spices commonly used for calming bloating, indigestion, nausea, and reducing inflammation. We also use “true cinnamon” as opposed to “cassia”, which is the bark associated with the evidence-based benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels, reducing sugar cravings, and reducing inflammation.

OUR TIPS: for an ultra warming Chai Latte, simmer 2 tsps per cup of Masala Chai with 1.5 cups of plant-based milk along with maple syrup or honey. Simmer just until warmed.

Immune Strength

It’s one thing to treat a cold when it hits.

But the most important thing you should be doing is supporting your immune system to prevent infections altogether.

The Jade Walker Immune Strength tea uses “adaptogenic” herbs, which are the cream of the crop when it comes to herbs you should look for.

Adaptogens help the body “adapt” to stress; adding an extra layer of armour.

What people LOVE about this blend even more is that it contains the uniqe Blue Butterfly Pea flower which infuses a vivid blue thanks to being high concentrated in anthocyanin antioxidants.


Strengthens the immune and nervous system particularly in those who endure higher stress.

OUR TIP: Add lemon and watch it change to a deep purple.


So you’ve the cold or flu.

Now what to do?

As well as keeping up with zinc, vitamin C, rest and water, start sipping the Immune Relief all day long.


Choosing some of our hero anti-virals and anti-bacterial herbs, this tea should help to kick the infection in the butt.

The Immune Relief uses herbs that help to increase white blood cells which help to fight off the infection.

It also uses herbs that help with coughs and a dry throat.

What’s even better, it tastes delicious thanks to elderflower and licorice root (it doesn’t taste licoricey, but moreso adds sweetness).

OUR TIP: Drink 3 cups per day for the most benefit.


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