The #1 nutrient for wound healing

You grew up knowing about Vitamin C.

But the ONE nutrient I’ve come to realise is just as important, seems to be less recognised.

And that Nutrient is ZINC. Watch on to find out more.

Here are also 11 SIGNS you need more Zinc:

– Loss of taste
– Poor wound healing
– White nail spots
– Acne
– Anxiety and mood disturbances
– GIT problems
– Reproductive problems
– Poor sleep
– Eczema and dermatitis
– Easily get stretch marks
– Always sick and hard to recover

And a lot more.

The ONE THING I forgot to mention was also how we often see higher copper compared to Zinc. This copper-block further impedes zinc from being used in the body. Whilst we still need copper for proper functioning, excess copper is a pesky problem and can lead to a myriad of presentations such as mood problems, impaired cognition and brain fog, hypothyroidism, constipation and a whole heap of other nasties.

If you’re curious about your zinc and copper levels, there’s a test we run at Merge Health called an Oligoscan that can immediately tell us your levels in the tissues. Very useful and non invasive.

Tell me your thoughts and curiosities!


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