Shed those last few kilos

Do you need to shed those annoying last few kilos?

You have completely lost that awesome motivation “I had last year”, “when I was in high school” or “before I was so busy”.

Oh my gosh, SAME.

These last couple of months with mountains of study, sitting down all day, eating food for the brain and cold night comfort food, have also meant that those annoying door knockers called Mr and Mrs Lovehandles have decided to extend their stay.

But I have news for you unwanted guests; you have to move out because it is time to clean the temple!

And by clean I mean clean eating and getting fit.


I have done it before, so I am only going to do it better this time!

From my heaviest, I have lost about 18 kilos since switching to a vegan diet, natural medicine, working out more and loving myself. I do not mean loving myself in a vein way, but in a body-positive way.

Unfortunately though, I have fallen off the healthy path a bit lately as days are spent sitting down with a text book in one hand and a laptop in the other (and a spoon in my mouth). I have been endulging in the winter comfort-food pleasures and now my body gets mixed up thinking I am a fur seal gaining blubber for the hibernation period before the snow blankets the Antarctic… Okay, maybe too far.

But you get my drift right? And I think you might be feeling the same too.

So let’s not make this complicated. Let’s get back to basics! None of this carb-cutting/lemon-detox diet/incredible-new-weightloss-miracle-berry nonsense.

Just real food – CLEAN food – that still tastes amazing, as well as getting back outdoors to get moving!


Starting 1 week from today, I endeavour to bring you as much plant-powered knowledge I know in obtaining a new vibrancy, healthier inside and out, and of course, how to shed those last few kilos.

In this 4-week plan you will…

  • Get daily recipes and recipe ideas – breakfast, lunch and dinner (including healthy cheats)
  • Learn about medicinal herbal teas that can speed up metabolism and curb those cravings (personally tested and approved)
  • Receive daily motivation and inspiration through me and others
  • Be able to share your recipes and tips that will be shared on the page and instagram.

By the end you should…

  • Feel more energetic
  • Feel cleansed
  • Feel less “heavy”
  • Feel motivated and inspired
  • And hopefully have lost those last few kilos

This should be easy. Just keep your eye on the end goal and keep a positive mind.

Don’t forget to subscribe on the right hand-side of this page to receive instant updates from me, personally!

Much love



  1. Hey Jade can you add me to your list would love to get your 4 week plan. Thanks x

  2. Hey Jade can you add me to your list would love to get your 4 week plan. Thanks x
    Oops had an error in my email address have just corrected it

  3. Chloe Chinnery

    Hey jade, can you add me too 🙂

  4. Hi Jade

    I have been leaving messages on FB in regards to this 4 week plan but hearing no response. Is the plan entirely vegan?

    • Hey Rebeca,

      So sorry they have not been appearing at your end. I have checked both responses and it shows that I replied. This is quite strange. The plan is vegan :).


  5. Defo keen to push the lifestyle a bit further. Hit me with the 4 week plan! Following on instagram too.

  6. Jados.. hook a sister up… I’m feeling like a seal at the moment and I was doing so well during summer!

    • Shardizzle, you never fail to make me laugh! I’ve seen your selfie lately… You are the thinnest seal in the ocean! You’d freeze ;). But of course I can help! If you go to the bottom of my home Page you can subscribe and then the meal plans should start flooding your email =D. Check your spam, promotional and junk folders (depending on email server). You should get 4 emails in total. Xxx

  7. Hi Jade, I’m probably to late to receive the 4 week plan, please add me to the subscribe list for next time 🙂 thanks x

    • Hey Tanya,

      You are definitely not too late at all! Just subscribe at the bottom of the homeepage, confirm your subscription, and then you should receive all 4 weeks! Hope it comes through for you :).

  8. I’d like to get you 4 week plan also


  9. Would love to do the 4 week plan!

    • That’s great to hear. Just subscribe at the bottom of the home page to receive all 4 weeks. Let me know if you have any problems and also head over to my Facebook page for frequent updates =D

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