Reusable Tea Bags 3 for $5

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Reusable, unbleached and chemical-free cotton tea bags.

Perfect for loose tea, bouquet garni and curry spices.

8x6cm with drawstring.

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Jade Walker reusable tea bag 6 small

The next best tea accessory

We all know how much better tea tastes brewed from loose leaf herbs.

But when we’re on the move, at work, uni or travelling abroad, a teapot isn’t always the first thing you want to carry in the bag. Mesh tea strainers can also get a little clunky.

Now, there’s a solution – the reusable, unbleached and chemical-free tea bag.

Measuring 8cm x 6cm with a convenient draw-string, you can fit several generous heapings of your favourite blends.

Use the bags for:

  • Herbal tea infusions
  • Bouquet garni
  • Curry spices

How to use your reusable tea bags:

  1. Fill bag with herbs and draw the string tight
  2. Steep the bag as normal tea-bag (the longer the better with medicinal herbs)
  3. Turn inside out to empty contents when done
  4. Rinse with water
  5. Hang to dry

4 reviews for Reusable Tea Bags 3 for $5

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    Like the size of this bag

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