Premium Organic Sencha Green Tea

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The Royalty of Green Teas

100% pure certified organic Japanese Sencha

  • Considered the most premium of Green Tea varieties
  • Potent source of antioxidants known as ECGCs
  • Shown in research to carry a myriad of health benefits such as aiding weight loss and supporting cardiovascular health




What is Sencha Green Tea?

There’s green tea, and then there’s sencha green tea.

Unique to Japan, sencha is a type of “ryokucha” achieved by a specific growing and drying process.

Sencha is made by growing the plant in direct sunlight, harvested the the first or second growth (the first harvest retains the highest quality).

It’s only the upper, younger leaf-shoots that are used due to their higher quality.

Once picked, the leaves are quickly steamed to prevent oxidation. This step is what sets Sencha apart from Chinese green tea.

Finally, the leaves are dried and rolled.

Sencha has a sweet, earthy flavour.

Why Jade Walker Sencha green tea?

I’ve tried many Green teas in my time, but what interests me most is which tea hosts the most amount of benefits.

It was originally when I was searching for which green tea had been shown to express the most benefit for weight loss for my Metabolise Tea, that I discovered sencha.

I also feel somewhat drawn to anything created by the beautiful natured people of Japan.

Green tea is revered for its high content of ECGCs (epigallocatechin gallate) which is an antioxidant compound associated with all of its health benefits.

It’s also the OP grade leaf leaf I have particularly chosen, which reserves it’s freshness and therefore locks in its benefits. Many of your cheap tea-bag varieties use a finely cut leaf, which in turn leads to faster leaf oxidation, and a reduction in quality and flavour.

The result of OP grade is a better tasting, more beneficial and premium cup of green tea.

Sencha Green Tea ingredients:

Certified organic:

  • Sencha tea (Camellia sinensis)

How do I make the best cup of Jade Walker Sencha Green Tea


For best results: the tea plant is a delicate friend. She only likes short baths in just the right temperature. So a nice 5-10 minute steep in 80-90C water (or just stop the kettle before boiling) will make for the perfect result.

Use 1 tsp for a delicate drink, or 2 tsp if you like it stronger.

Whilst I’m a black tea kinda girl, if there’s one you might feel the need to add a dash of milk, English Breakfast is the drop to do so.


A neat little trick to bypass the bitter compounds sometimes drawn out in hot and over-steeped tea, is with a cold infusion.

Prepare your Sencha just like above, but use cold water instead and leave it to steep for 20-30 minutes. You may like to add a squeeze of citrus with some optional honey for a delicious iced tea.


What is the best time of day to consume?

Due to the tea plant naturally containing caffeine this can give you energy. Morning and midday is best. However, some people find they’re fine with caffeine even before bed.


Always seek advice with your health care practitioner before making any changes.


1 cup of tea from the Camellia sinensis plant is generally considered safe during pregnancy due to its low caffeine content. However, its advised that the less caffeine, the better, during pregnancy. If you have concerns, seek the advice from your health care practitioner. 

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