Practitioner group mentoring


So you’ve finally finished your degree in Naturopathy or Nutrition (or you’re very close to the finish line).

But what now?

Let me help you fast track your practice to a rewarding career with affordable group mentoring.

Just $40 pp for minimum of 5 group members.

Select which group mentoring session you’d prefer. You can either buy 1x ticket individually, or add several to your cart. If each group member is buying individually, please write in the comments the name of the group you’re a part of/who you’ll be with/who’s organising. Once purchased I will be in touch to arrange a time.

See full details below.

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Fast track your clinic

🎓 So you’ve FINALLY finished your Naturopathy or Nutrition degree (or you’re close to the finish line).

A massive congratulations. It’s a long and hard road.

But what now? 🤷🏼‍♀️

How the hell do you set up a business?

How do you start rewarding yourself after years on a uni budget, and still have the energy to help others?

Or perhaps you still don’t quite feel confident in prescribing, interpreting test results, or what the best functional tests are for your client.

🎢 Well you can take the weight off your shoulders, because I’m here to help you fast track these skills in a matter of days by providing you with all the practitioner secrets I’ve had to learn the long and hard way.

💡 And I can tell you right now, if I’d known these things at your entry level, I would have saved myself a lot of tears, burnout, money, and feeling ready to give it all up (I still can’t believe I almost left the profession altogether).

👩🏽‍💻 Being a practitioner in any form is a tough gig. It takes true passion and energy to show up for others. But if you get it right, it can become the most rewarding job in the world (I still tear up on a weekly basis when my clients get better).

But it can also quickly become a job you will despise if you don’t set your boundaries correctly in the beginning.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 So let me help you get it right the first time and have your favourite alumni with you along the way.

So what’s the investment?

Since I know what it’s like to come out of a degree with little funds to get set up, I wanted to make this affordable.


  • $40 pp


  • A 1.5 hour group zoom call, which will be recorded and available to you after
  • Private group messenger chat support for a month
  • A copy of my “Guide to Natural Grads” ebook

Extend the training for an extra 1 hour for $15 pp.


I can tailor the training to exactly what you’d like to learn. It’s best to choose 3-5 key topics so that we can cover them well

Some examples include:


  • How to find your niche and make it your biggest asset
  • How to get started on a shoe-string budget
  • How to start taking a profit straight away
  • Exactly what percentages you should be taking/how to put away savings for your business/pay tax and super etc
  • Whether to set up for GST
  • How to correctly price your services
  • What are the best systems to use including online booking, accounting etc
  • How to use Instagram correctly to attract your ideal client
  • Should you join a clinic or go out on your own? What to look for in both choices. Pros and cons to both.
  • Free ways to gain CPE points so you can save your money
  • How to easily set up a beautiful looking website on your own within a weekend (this topic is best explored on its own as one session so that you can learn how to do it, step-by-step)
  • How to work smarter and not harder, by working less hours so you have more me-time


  • Best functional labs to get set up with
  • Best functional tests to use (that you weren’t taught in uni)
  • How to interpret blood tests, including optimal reference ranges
  • Condition-specific support (best for those who’ve just started practicing so you can bring along a case study we can go through)
  • How to easily write your treatment plan within the consult time so you’re not doing hours of extra work in your free time

And so much more


Simply send me an email or message to let me know your interest along with how many people you have in your group.

We will arrange a suitable time in the new year when everyone is available. May also be available on a Saturday upon request.

Payment can be made individually, or by one lump sum.

If you don’t have a minimum of 5 people, you may choose to cover the difference for a more intimate group. I am also taking expressions of interest for solo people who want to join another group. 

Additional information

Choose mentoring

$35 pp: 10+ people – 1.5 hours, $40 pp: 5-9 people – 1.5 hours, $50 pp: 10+ people – 2.5 hours, $55 pp: 5-9 people – 2.5 hours


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