Organic Dried Calendula Petals

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A stunning flower with strong therapeutic properties.

We use calendula as an:

  • Anti-inflammatory; gut inflammation; ulcers etc
  • Lymphatic: where there’s lymphatic congestion; skin disorders; acne etc
  • For spasmodic dysmenorrhoea (period pain)

Each bag contains 20g (as it’s a very loose and light herb, this fills one of our standard 28 serve stand up pouches). This calendula contains petals only (no stem or flower base).

NOTE: Best before date is 1/3/2021) which is why this herb is on sale. However, dried herbs have a prolonged shelf life and typically last years beyond the “recommended” best before date. This organic dried calendula is still vibrant and fresh, and has been stored correctly in the dark in a cool room.

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