Holistic Health Kickstarter Package


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The perfect health kickstarter to finally help you get the answers you’ve been looking for

>>> Combining the brains of two skilled practitioners including fatigue, hormones and gut health Naturopath Jade Walker (BHSc (Naturopathy)) and the highly experienced Integrated Medical Scientist Tania Delahoy (B.App Sci (MLS)) <<<

Available completely online and via TeleHealth.

This package includes:

  • In depth pathology review with Integrated Medical Scientist Tania Delahoy from Haemanalysis  (looking at your recent blood test results and providing new insight into what’s causing your unexplained ill-health)
  • 30-minute “optimise and prescribe” Naturopathic consult with Jade Walker
  • A tailored treatment plan using dietary, lifestyle, herbal medicine and supplementation support
  • Further advice and support on what other testing may be required to help you get the answers you’ve been seeking.
  • 9 Fundamental to Optimal Wellbeing eBook by Jade


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“Jade is the third Naturopath I have seen and I have had very drastic results since becoming one of her clients. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which most of the time leaves me in constant pain. With Jade’s help I managed to become pain free in a matter of months. Thanks to Jade, I know what I need to do and the right way to do things with her guidance and advice. Following Jade’s treatment plan has given me a better quality of life which I am so very grateful fo,”

– Ashlee Frost, SA. 


“Following my initial consultation with Tania I have never felt so connected and empowered in regards to my body and health. After previously seeing countless health professionals regarding chronic illness and general lackluster quality of life, through the blood analysis I have been able to feel hopeful for taking control of my future well being.”

– Bec Fitzgibbon

Are your blood tests always “normal”…

…yet you feel far from fine?

You’ve been fatigued for years and just don’t feel yourself…

Yet you feel like you’ve tried “everything”?

You’re not alone.

I see clients with this problem on a weekly basis.  I’ve also experienced this first hand.

From fatigue, dizziness and shortness or breath, to period pain, nausea and wayward hormones.

And every goddamn time, the results were always “normal”.

But as I went through my degree, I learnt there were pieces of information within those tests that were being missed.

The three key reasons why:

  1. The reference ranges are often sub-optimal. e.g your iron might come back as normal. Yet you still feel flat and fatigued. However, rather than the general reference ranges, we want you to be within OPTIMAL reference ranges. Vitamin D deficiency is another classic missed result. The current reference ranges don’t match those in the current research, thus many people are walking around with sub-optimal vitamin D.
  2. You’re missing the full picture:  Sometimes your tests might only include one part of the puzzle. For example  sometimes your results may only include “serum iron” which is your circulating iron. However, we also need to see your ferritin; stored iron.
  3. We need to join the dots: sometimes, your tests have everything you need. But you need someone who really knows what they’re talking about to pull it altogether. This may help you get closer to a diagnosis, or help us decide which tests to order next.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen autoimmune conditions, anaemia, and thyroid conditions fly under the radar. And it’s not until we take a deeper look that we find the missing piece.

So how do you get someone to read your blood tests properly?

Meet the incredibly intelligent Medical Scientist Tania Delahoy.

I met Tania almost two years when working along side her in a Melbourne clinic. Tania uses her 20 years of experience in pathology to assess your blood in both real time, or by holistically assessing your test results.

It’s like having a fresh pair of eyes from a highly skilled detective look over an unsolved case.

What’s unique about Tania’s holistic perspective is that she looks at your pathology in a whole new way.

Since working with Tania, I have sent many clients to her for pathology reviews and microscopic blood analysis. The things she finds is remarkable.

So what is the Holistic Health Kickstarter Package?

Tania and I have teamed up to create a very unique integrated approach by offering the best of our skills to help you get better, sooner.

The Holistic Health Kickstarter allows us to take a deeper look into all your recent blood tests so that we can figure out what’s going on, and how we can best support your health outcomes moving forward.

What’s ever better is that you get access to two practitioners at a discounted rate of what you’d usually pay to see us in full.

So how does the Holistic Health Kickstarter work?

  1. We will help you set up your appointments once you’ve made the investment into your health by purchasing this package.
  2. You will first send any test results you have to Tania to review. This is where it gets interesting. Tania will use her expertise to dissect your results based off optimal reference ranges, whilst also making connections between the different findings.
  3. You will then have a phone consult with Tania where she will discuss her findings, make recommendations on further required testing, and offer possible differential diagnoses to be considered. Tania will then send her findings to me.
  4. You will then book your 30 minute Naturopathic “optimise and prescribe” consult with me, where I will use Tania’s report to make meaningful changes utilising appropriate nutrients, herbal medicines, dietary and lifestyle modifications.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a copy of your most recent blood tests (preferably within the last 3 months).

All you have to do is then show up for your phone call with Tania, and your phone or video consult with me and you’re on your way to finally getting the answers you’ve been seeking.

The Holistic Health Kickstarter Package is best suited for those who:

  • Experience constant fatigue
  • Are always sick
  • Suspect autoimmune conditions
  • Have frequent mood disturbances such as anxiety
  • Family history of disease
  • Have hormonal disturbances
  • Have dysfunctional thyroid function
  • Just don’t feel quite right, but can’t put your finger on it


This advice is not intended to replace that of your existing primary health care provider. Rather it is complimentary to your existing health care regime. Professional assessment and judgement is always taken to check for herb-drug-nutrient interactions or contraindications. We encourage that you work with your existing health care practitioner, and we can assist you further on how to make sure you get the best integrated health care approach.

Tania and Jade are both degree-qualified, insured, and accredited health professionals.


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