Golden Hour (Turmeric latte)

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A Tumeric latte on steroids.

Containing two of the most potent medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane.

GOLDEN HOUR contains premium grade turmeric, nootropic mushrooms Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane, Ginger and cinnamon.

The best golden milk you’ll ever have.

This Medicinal tonic includes therapeutic ingredients used to:

  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protect the nervous system
  • Modulate the immune system
  • Stabilise blood sugar levels




Like a Turmeric latte just dropped some shrooms…

The medicinal kind 😉

Golden hour is our cleverest creation yet.

It’s not just a turmeric latte. It’s so much more than that.

Why do I need Golden Hour in my life?

  • You want more energy
  • You want clear brain function and memory
  • You want to enhance your athletic performance and recovery
  • You want to reduce inflammation
  • You want more anti-ageing
  • You want to nourish your immune system
  • You basically just want the best shit out there

So what’s so special about Golden Hour?

It’s due to two of our most potent medicinal mushrooms known as Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane, teamed with all organic high grade turmeric, true cinnamon and ginger.

So why are these two fun-guys so goddamn good?

(…please tell me you got that fungi joke.)

All hail the golden Cordyceps

(Cordyceps militaris)

If medicinal mushrooms were graded like metals, Cordyceps would be the gold.

Cordyceps is used for endurance, stamina, increasing circulation and a myriad of health conditions.

At the Chinese National Games in 1993, the Chinese women’s team attributed their nine broken world records to using cordyceps for supprting stamina, reducing muscle soreness, and enhancing muscle growth.

Cordyceps has been found to:

  • Increase ATP (the body’s energy currency) to reduce fatigue
  • Reduce blood glucose levels
  • Be an antioxidant
  • Support both male and female fertility and libido
  • Modulate the immune system (particularly beneficial in autoimmune conditions)
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
  • Protective to the brain and central nervous system
  • Supportive to the respiratory system
  • Increase blood oxygen absorption
  • Enhance anti-ageing

It’s no wonder that it’s also been referred to as a mitochondrial adaptogen by American herbalist Stephen Buhner (mitochondria being the powerhouse within our cells that produce energy).

Is the Golden Hour’s cordyceps vegan?


The reason we add this, is because wild cordyceps is usually a parasiting fungus that grows on a host organism.

However, the cordyceps we source for Golden Hour uses a cultivating technique that does not require the death of other organisms, whilst still holding the same benefits (known as 10:1 Cs-4).

Bow down to the Lion’s Mane

(Hericium erinaceus)

Lion’s mane is prized for its “nootropic” and “neuroprotective” affects. A nootropic is a drug or substance that enhances cognition or memory.

Fascinatingly, Lion’s mane has been found to contain “nerve-growth-factors” which may support nerve tissue.

Teamed with the similar performance enhancing effects of Cordyceps, these two mushrooms work in beautiful synergy to bring you one hell-uva body-loving tonic.

Lion’s Mane has been found to:

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Support digestive conditions
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Be anti-bacterial to certain gram-negative bacteria
  • Modulate the immune system (particularly beneficial in autoimmune conditions)
  • Improving mood and reducing anxiety

The hero of anti-inflammatories: Turmeric

(Curcuma longa)

It almost seems silly to need to give this revered rhizome an introduction these days, when everyone knowns just how potent turmeric is.

But just in case you need a refresher, here’s what we use turmeric for:

  • A potent anti-inflammatory: from period pain to back pain, turmeric has been shown in some trials to be just as affective as some over-the-counter NSAIDs when taken in a high dose form
  • Improving mood
  • Enhancing liver detoxification
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Supporting immune function
  • Supporting hormones

And so much more.

It’s due to its active constituent called “curcumin” that exhibits these affects in thousands of research papers.

The Golden Hour blend also uses a special premium-grade turmeric which has a higher curcumin rate of >8%, for enhanced therapeutic actions.

“But doesn’t turmeric need pepper to be absorbed?”

Glad you asked.

Whilst yes, it is true that pepper enhances curcumin absorption, it’s not the only way.

Another important enhancer we love to use is a source of fat. So when simmered into coconut milk, the healthy fats aid with absorption. You could also add 1/2 tsp of coconut oil to any “mylk” (mylk is the accepted term for plant milks).

Furthermore, I consciously made the decision to leave pepper out as it’s often a gut irritant in many of my clients with digestive issues and inflammation (as well as being avoided on the AIP diet). This is counterintuitive to the gut healing action we actually want. Finally, it’s also said that by having some of the turmeric remaining in the gut, its anti-inflammatory actions may work locally to the gut lining.

Don’t forget the ginger and cinnamon


(Zingiber officinalis)

Ginger alone is also a potent natural anti-inflammatory. Studies have even demonstrated a reduction in period pain when consumed in the days leading up to periods. Ginger is also what we call a gastric-emptying agent that helps with nausea and reduces other tummy troubles.


(Cinnamomum zeylanicum/verum)

Cinnamon is quite similar. It too has been found to help with period pain due to its pungent warming effects, much like ginger and turmeric, which help to move “pelvic congestion” in conditions such as endometriosis. True cinnamon, as opposed to culinary cinnamon (cassia) is what contains the key active constituents for actions such as stabilising blood sugars and reducing sugar cravings. True cinnamon is often used in formulations for PCOS.

Combine these 5 herbs and mushrooms together and you’ll have yourself one fine Golden Hour.

What does it taste like?

Just like a Turmeric latte… and the absolute best. Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane do not have much of a flavour, thus the pungent aromats released from turmeric, ginger and cinnamon take over.

I’ve personally tried many-a golden latte in my time, and they are not all created equally. Some tasting like dirt, some too mild and some too strong. I’m very proud of this carefully blended Golden Hour which gets the ratios just right.

How do I make the best cup of Golden Hour?


For best results: mix 1-2 tsp of Golden Hour with approx 200ml milk (standard mug) in a blender. This helps to incorporate the powder for a smoother experience.

THERMOMIX: heat on 80C for 4 mins.

STOVE TOP: bring to simmer on medium heat in a pot.

MICROWAVE: heat milk on its own for 1 minute. Using a second mug, place Golden Hour in a mug and slowly stir in hot mylk to fully incorporate.


Blend 2 tsp of Golden Hour with approx 200ml milk (standard mug) in a blender.

Optional: add ice, along with some Sweet Leaf stevia drops or coconut sugar if desired. 


What is the best time of day to consume?

Due to the nootropic effects, Golden Hour is particularly beneficial at the start of the day, before exercise or to get shit done. But unlike caffeine, you will not find an over-stimulating affect that will keep you up at night, making it relatively safe to have 1 hour before bed too. 


Always seek advice with your health care practitioner before making any changes.

Avoid with anti-platelet drugs, bleeding disorders, and 2 weeks before surgeries.

Cordyceps has been found to lower blood pressure. Caution and monitor if you already experience low blood pressure.


Safety with the use of some of these ingredients has not been studied, thus ingestion must be avoided during pregnancy.

Additional information


28 Serves, 5 Serves, 84 Serves

8 reviews for Golden Hour (Turmeric latte)

  1. courtney (verified owner)

    Great taste, I just need to work on getting it to fully dissolve in the warm milk.

  2. Steph (verified owner)

    Beautiful combination of ingredients – especially love the fact that there are medicinal mushrooms in there. Feels good knowing that I’m nourishing and strengthening my body with this drink

  3. Karlie (verified owner)

    Love it taste a lot like a chai latte !

    • Jade Walker (store manager)

      So good to hear! xxx

  4. Joe

    Absolutely love this combo! I’ve been trying to take a lot of these supplements by themselves over the years and now i can get them conveniently grouped together and it tastes great too.
    It also let’s me cut out my lunch time coffee and I can actually feel the boost in the arvo to power through my 10-12 hour shift.
    Just recently ran out and I can feel the difference!!
    I have a feeling the cordyceps and lions mane work synergistically together and with everything else because I didn’t feel the same boost using these solo.
    Looking forward to having this back in my life.

  5. Jen (verified owner)

    Best golden latte mix I’ve ever had!! I love that it contains medicinal mushrooms. So many health benefits for each ingredient. This is definitely worth every penny

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Lana Thomson (verified owner)

  8. Fatima El-kheir (verified owner)

    an excellent replacement for my coffee

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