Glass Teapot Warmer

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Say goodbye to cold pots of tea.

This nifty glass teapot warmer uses the warmth of tea light candles along with the conduction of a metal plate on top to keep your teapot warmer for longer.

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Teapot warmer 2 Jade Walker DPI 72

The product you’ll wonder how you ever lived without


How many times have you settled in and made a big pot of tea, only to get distracted and later come back to cold brew?

Or perhaps you like to have a big pot to yourself and like to enjoy the tea drinking experience slowly, but by the third cup it’s luke-warm?

Well these beautiful glass teapot warmers are just the solution.

Simply light a tea light candle and place it inside the warmer. The metal plate then conducts the heat evenly across the base of your teapot for long-lasting warmer teas.

You might think “that tiny tea light? surely that wouldn’t work”. But you’ll be surprised just how well it does.

The Glass Tea light Warmer works best for larger-base teapots, however can still be used on smaller teapots.

They also make the perfect gift

Team the warmer and a couple of herbal teas together for a beautiful gift for your tea-lover friends, such as the sweet-tasting Immune Boost Blend or the warming caffeine-free Masala Chai.


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