4wk ‘Body & Mind Overhaul’ Program

Kick-start, re-energise, and optimise your body in 4 weeks. Can’t get moving in the morning? Constantly battling carb and sugar cravings and can’t shift weight? Want to know what the hell you really should be eating? This is the overhaul you’ve been looking for. This 4-Week Complete Body & Mind […]

Dinner, Recipes

Lime salmon with Asian slaw

INGREDIENTS Lime salmon 2 Fillets of salmon or trout (wild is best) Sea salt and pepper Fresh Lime zest and juice Lime aioli I egg 200g Melted coconut oil or lite olive oil (or blend of both) 1 Small garlic clove 2-3 Tbs fresh lime juice 1 tsp Sea salt […]


Is your digestion really ‘normal’?

As advocates of healthy poos and happy bugs, we as Natural Health Practitioners (NHPs) are always wondering about your gut health. “What colour is your stool?” “Which poo on this diagram would you say yours most likely looks like?” These are common questions you’ll get at a standard initial consult […]