It’s time to slow the f#%k down

I’m not even exaggerating when I say this. 

The number 1 cause of most people’s health conditions I see is stress. 

Both directly or indirectly. 

It’s easy for us to go searching for that one reason why…

  • Our gut is f#%ked
  • We get headaches
  • We can’t lose weight
  • Our hormones are a mess
  • We get sick all the time
  • We have infertility
  • Our autoimmune disease gets triggered
  • We have sugar cravings

People will dump THOUSANDS 💰 on supplements, specialists, and more trying to find the cure-all. 

When all along… It was stress. 

But how?

I’m going to do a video on this to explain it properly, but in short, it’s all about that fight or flight response. 

When we release cortisol, it’s our body’s defence mechanism saying “get me out of here, pronto”. 

This response allows the body to quickly access energy and switch off non-essential processes such as fertility and digestion, so that you can run away. 

Make no mistake, this is a brilliant process that has evolved over time to help us escape and quickly reduce inflammation. 

However, in the modern world where we’re all expected to work harder, do this, be that, look a certain way, be the best parent/lover/etc, it’s all just too much for what we we’re naturally built for. 

There’s also variations in our genes. So some cultures may be more resilient with stress than others. 

I heard one podcast recently where they talked about this aspect with infertility. In some cultures that had to go through famine, they seem to be more fertile even in times of stress. Whereas some may be very sensitive to stress, thus our hormones just shut down.

There are also vast differences in resilience between men and women. 

🚹 Men run on a 24 hour cycle with a peak in morning testosterone and cortisol. 

🚺 We run on a 28 day cycle, with a peak in testosterone basically one day in 4 weeks 😂. Just so we’re turned on to procreate. 

I often see women trying to keep up with their partners whether it be in exercise styles or work. Yet we don’t function the same way. And trying to keep up with the masculine way of doing things can lead to burn out. I see this a lot in clients. 

Personally I’ve always been someone who takes on too much. I’ve had more than 1 job since I was 15. 

My biggest passion job of course is being a Naturopath and herbal tea maker. I dream of the day this will be my one and only focus. I also have my secure income job by working at 000. Having a mortgage and bills to pay, this is a stress reliever in its self. 

However, with my cup always almost full, it only takes a few mls to overflow and next thing you’ve got water leaks coming out of every nook and cranny.

And even as a Naturopath I don’t always take my own advice. I’ll madly go looking for the answer to why I’m so fatigued, why I’m suddenly more sad than usual, why I’m so bloated. 

But it always comes back to the same thing. Taking on too much. 

And sometimes it might not even be the hours invested, it’s the kind of work… Or how many times you have to switch lanes. 

For me, doing 12 hour shifts and driving 1 hour either side of that is really what puts the nail in the coffin some weeks. 

But to just quit at the drop of the hat would mean some weeks not being able to pay the bills. And I know this is the reason many of us continue the daily grind. 

Striking the balance is key, but sometimes it’s not that easy. 

I recently started seeing a fertility expert/Naturopath Stacey Roberts, known as “The Baby Maker”. 

And when I laid it all out to her, like clients usually do with me, it was pretty obvious what I needed to do. 

Nourish that poor burnt out nervous system. 

Sometimes we just need someone to tell us what we already know, but clearly we’re still not acting on. 

I heard a business expert once say that if you’re not doing it, you don’t know. 

As in, even though our ego can get in the way when someone tells us something and we say “oh yeah I already know that”, we’re still not doing that thing we apparently know. 

So if you’re not doing it, you don’t actually know. 

Personally, having someone write out a treatment plan for me and tell me exactly what to do, was the biggest relief. It was exciting!

And it made me realise that sense of relief my clients feel when I write that treatment plan for them. 

You finally feel heard. 

You finally have someone who will guide you. 

And yes it’s all up to you to do the work, but we also need the teacher to show us the way. 


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