Here is a list of all the podcasts, interviews, articles and books I’ve been featured in.


BioPractica Professional Podcast

S04, episode 1 – Gut health, microbial imbalances, fertility and female reproductive disorders

S03, episode 2 – Benefits of using magnesium citrate as part of a holistic treatment plan for female reproductive disorders

AmyJade Wellness Podcast

Episode 3 – Managing and Treating Endometriosis

The Little Yarrow Podcast

Episode 23 – Endometriosis and the Motherhood Journey

Your Revolution Podcast

Episode 108 – The No BS Guide to Holistic Healthy Living

The Jade Walker Way

My Endometriosis Journey Part 1 and 2


How to Endo by Bridget Hustwaite – Section on Naturopathic Medicine


ANTA Journal – March 2021 – Supporting Endometriosis Patients with Natural Post-Surgery Care

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