How to get cheaper coffee


You heard – get cheaper coffee and do your bit for Earth at the same time.

With coffee remaining to be one of the biggest sought-after food commodities, it is no wonder that coffee cup lids make up the top four list of bad polluting plastics.

Fortunately EcoCups or ‘Keep Cups’ are trending around the country right now – all for a good cause…. And the best part; you get a small reimbursement each time you buy a cappuccino or favourite hot drink from the café. You will have to check if your local coffee shop is offering the discount, but many are getting on board. It does not just save you money, but it saves the business money and resources too.

For those in Townsville, Frotello Coffee offers up to 60 cents off.


There are so many designs of Keep Cups available in many shops or online. I could not show you mine today as I am down South right now, but this is a good example (Image source: www.designboom.com).

You can save even more money than this little trick too.

Owning an eco cup means you can make freshly plunged coffee or brewed tea at home, and take it on the run. Last year at uni I would always brew up my favourite energising Yerba Mate herbal tea and take it to class with me. Sometimes I would even try and balance it in my bike basket when riding to campus. Make sure that lid is secured tightly though as I ended up with only half a mug of tea by the time I finished my short ride.


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