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Moving interstate can be an exciting time, but with the big move also comes a disorganised regime.

It started about five weeks ago.

My rhythm was completely thrown out of whack while trying to study full time, finish my last hours at work and pack up our things. No way could I think about trying to update the website, exercise and prepare healthy food.

Then there was the drive down.

A part from making a big batch of hummus, veggie sticks and rice paper rolls for the first day, we had to eat whatever we came across on the five days on the road. Dinners weren’t too bad in the places we stayed, but breakfast was usually a greasy cooked breakfast on two pieces of carb-laden white toast. Not the best way to start the day for the little energy output sitting in a car for 9 hours a day.

I constantly felt bloated and uncomfortable, but we just kept eating anyway. Sometimes only seeing a few country towns in the space of several hours meant your only option was a vegie pasty or hot chips. I just had to start silencing the thoughts in my head of “man this is so unhealthy”, “I’m definitely going to have to go on a juice fast when I get to Melbourne” and “I don’t even want to weight myself when I get back”. I just had to get over it.

But even once we got settled into our new humble abode, we didn’t have all the cooking utensils we needed straight away. So that meant dumplings for dinner and breakfast at the next best café.

Me with daiya cheese
I couldn’t NOT buy Daiya. Everyone raves about it in America and Australia has usually missed out. Prahran Convenience store however, stocks the cheesy shreds.

I also got carried away with all the new exciting vegan foods we were never spoilt with in Townsville, stocking up on about 6 different vegan cheeses and mock meats.

I still had the fridge filled with a heap of fresh produce from Prahran Markets just around the corner. But my balance was still well off.

A Tofurkey smoked ham sandwich with Vegusto cheese and creamy Egg Free mayo. Some would think this is a healthy choice, but white bread is not good for us. Stick to whole grains and wholemeal where possible, and limit your refined grain intake overall.
A Tofurkey smoked ham sandwich with Vegusto cheese and creamy Egg Free mayo. Some would think this is a healthy choice, but white bread is not good for us. Stick to whole grains and wholemeal where possible, and limit your refined grain intake overall.

Amongst this we caught up with friends for coffee, drinks or dinner every second day and not to mention the AFL grand finals were on the first weekend we moved in too. But this was all essential and I definitely don’t regret it for a second. The food we have eaten has been amazing and given me so much inspiration for new recipes. Just to name a few, Hanoi Hannah makes incredible Vietnamese street food such as the iconic Pho (pronounced ‘fur’) and fragrant rice paper rolls, Lucy Liu for its intricate Asian dishes, Fonda offering Tex-Mexican food that goes to the next level, and The Dumpling Table for 15 scrumptious steamed or fried dumplings at just $9.

But of course all this indulgent dining and hardly any exercise started to take its toll.

I was getting down on myself. I put on about 4 kilos and it made me feel miserable, moody and negative – not myself at all.

I also noticed a severe hormonal imbalance that caused chronic PMS. You know how they say ‘listen to your body’. I am very much in tune with what my body is telling me and know exactly what is causing a problem. But by this stage I wasn’t listening anymore. With this PMS I was extremely emotional, in severe pain come the onset of cramps, and just out of a good head space. I know that this was related to my recent lack of health.

But this week is the first time I’ve finally turned around.

Ed and I had a gruelling but awesome PT session with our friend James on Saturday. Every day since, I’ve gotten up early, put my runners on and started the morning with physical exercise. This enables me to think straight for a day’s work of study without feeling guilty about sitting down all day. I have even gone one step further to do some light yoga and ab workouts while listening to lectures in the lounge room. Not to mention I have started drinking herbal teas again – a daily regime that is so essential for me, yet I wasn’t even doing that for a while.

Banana and date smoothie Brown rice and quinoa sushi

Granola coconut yoghurt goji hemp Puffed bean curd salad Satay vege and tofu with rice

Tempeh asian salad Greens salad with quinoa and chickpeas

To compliment the exercise, I have eaten a balanced and relatively clean diet including smoothies, juices, granola, salads, soups, stir-fries, and steamed vege.

For the first time in a month, I am finally waking up with a spring in my step and pumped for what the day will bring. I feel more focussed, clean, positive, appreciative and happy.

I can’t stress enough why this shows how vital good health is to your mentality as well as your body. It’s okay to fall off the wagon once in a while.

But the longer you let the wagon drive away, the harder it will be to chase after it and jump back on.

So don’t let this day get away from you once more.

Get up, make the change you know you need, and become that person you aspire to be.

No one else can stop you!



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