I whole heartedly believe that social media can be used for good when supporting other emerging businesses.

Collaborating with each other means we can both reach out to more like-minded audiences. 

More and more companies are also realising the power of “micro influencers” e.g 1k-10k accounts who may have more engaged and genuine followers. 

The Jade Walker Health brand is growing at a rapid, yet organic rate. 

JWH is now present on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

JWH has 2 paid ebooks, 2 free opt-in ebooks, and an upcoming “Energy Accelorator” online course. A “Guide to Natural Grads” book is near completion, which already has a strong line-up of demand. As well as the long awaited e-recipe book also close to being finished. 

These are all ways in which your product or service can be weaved into for organic exposure. 

Here are some ways we can collaborate, and a list of criteria that would fit inside the JW Health ethos. 

1. You have a product/brand/service

Your product is one or more of the following:

  • Natural health
  • Natural beauty
  • Hand made
  • Eco conscious
  • Cruelty free
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Made or designed in Australia (or parts thereof)

Please note: MLM products will not meet criteria. 

Ways we can collaborate:

  • If your product meets criteria, you can send samples in return for honest and genuine posts on socials including one or all of: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Certain products might also be reccomended to clients in clinic or throughout ebooks (E.g I reccomend Sweet Leaf Stevia drops to just about every client)
  • Product/service swap: E.g you try JW teas or a Naturopathic consult, in return for your product/services of similar value. 
  • Clothing to be worn in video content and photos: E.g with upcoming courses there will be several videos created. If the clothing also adds value it can be subtly promoted (E.g I find it important to shop sustainably which is why I wear brands like “X”)
  • Affiliate links: may also be used throughout ebooks and online courses. 

2. You’re an influencer (2k+ followers with solid engagement)


  • Cross promote each other with genuine content (E.g I tag you in a post about this cool idea you just shared, or how I’ve started this certain routine thanks to the inspo from you)
  • Free herbal tea to you in return for posts (can be a one-off or on-going)
  • Free Naturopathic consult in return for  a genuine review throughout your posts 

3. You are a National or global brand looking for ambassador

We can meet or discuss ways to collaborate on bigger long-term adventures that benefit both of us such as:

  • Recipe development (E.g I have worked with Barkly Square Shopping Centre and ISPT in providing quality recipes where they own the copyright)
  • Recipe tutorials using your appliances or food 
  • Healthy ebooks for your website or promotions
  • Demonstrations at product launches or trade shows