The #1 nutrient for wound healing

You grew up knowing about Vitamin C. But the ONE nutrient I’ve come to realise is just as important, seems to be less recognised. And that Nutrient is ZINC. Watch on to find out more. Here are also 11 SIGNS you need more Zinc: – Loss of taste – Poor […]

5 nifty ways to use up lemons

You’ve gotta love lemons. But one thing I’ll never love is the overpriced value-per-piece in a supermarket, when they readily grow around town. I was so lucky to have my (soon to be) bro-in-law gift me a HUGE bag of lemons recently. But seriously, even a lemon-o-holic can’t use up […]

Time-poor or poor time?

Go on. Say it once more. “I just don’t have time for anything”. Because that will be the last time you say it after you read this. Feel better? Did that satisfy your daily addiction to justify why you don’t; Exercise Take that class you always wanted Cook dinner Make […]

The ‘doctors vs natural health’ debate is outdated

  Unfortunately the natural health industry has gained a bit of a bad name lately with so-called ‘quacks’ making some unforgivable errors. The biggest problem with the media hype, out of context stories, uneducated opinion writers and the fast social media ‘shares’ that follow, is that they miss one BIG […]