A past life – Part 3

Like any normal human being, I made some mistakes to begin with. But every vegan knows you have to make these mistakes to learn. I did not start off completely vegan either. I cut out all meat, dairy and poultry, but with an avid fishing family I still ate freshly […]

A Past Life – Part 2

Finally, I bring you A Past Life – Part 2… Unhappy with myself, I dappled in fad diets like shake replacement meals, the lemon detox diet, green coffee, supplements and body creams. But unlike I know now, you cannot change yourself without changing bad habits. In saying all of this, […]

A past life – part 1

Health has consumed my life in the past two years. But before that, it was quite the opposite. Launching this new website has been something I have aspired to do for quite some time and teaching and inspiring others is the main reason why. However, I feel it is so […]

Spice up your Staples

  Most people refer to staples as flour, milk and eggs. In my house staples go above and beyond. Maybe if I lived in India I might have the average pantry… It all started 4 years ago when a small Indian restaurant opened up down the street from work in […]