4 Week Liver Detox eBook

Do you regularly experience: Break-outs, eczema, or other skin complaints Bloating, constipation or discomfort Headaches Mood swings Unexplained ill-health Hormonal disturbances: PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, cravings etc Stagnant weight Fluid retention Exacerbated allergies If yes, it might be time to empty your ‘cup’. And that’s where my 4 Week Liver Detox […]

The Jade Walker Way Podcast

Introducing the long-awaited Podcast by Naturopath, Jade Walker. With her vivacious passion for health, slight sense of humour, and love for science, this podcast brings you a unique and refreshing way of learning to be healthy. LISTEN NOW LISTEN ON iTUNES | LISTEN ON SPOTIFY The Jade Walker Way podcast […]

How to increase your energy without coffee

Why are you so tired? And don’t tell me it’s a coffee deficiency! Do you know the top reasons for fatigue that I see clinically are: – Nutrient deficiencies (which we can see in your blood tests)– A specific condition in the gut that many people don’t realise they have – […]