Natural pain relief for endometriosis

In Naturopathy we have a host of herbal medicines and therapeutics that have been shown to help reduce pain associated with endometriosis, as well as alleviating other menstrual-associated pain. We use a mix of anti-inflammatories, analgesics and circulatory-stimulants to help with both symptomatic relief and prevention long term. Herbal medicines […]


When it comes to creating habits for healthy hormones, making sure you have techniques to manage stress, although difficult, it’s important. The parts of the brain responsible for communicating with the adrenal glands (for stress) are also responsible for hormonal health. High levels of stress also can prevent or delay […]

Endometriosis and iron deficiency

Going through bouts of extreme fatigue is an experience you’re likely familiar with if you have endometriosis. An increase in fatigue is often a sign that you’re about to experience a pain flare-up. This fatigue is the result of a combination of the body trying to eliminate the endometriosis tissue […]


Here is a list of all the podcasts, interviews, articles and books I’ve been featured in. PODCAST INTERVIEWS Fertile Journey (my podcast) My Endometriosis Journey Part 1 and 2 Wellness by Designs – Practitioner Podcast Episode 26 – Managing Endometriosis and IVF with Jade Walker S07, episode 3 – The […]

Top 3 teas to get you through the cold

In our opinion, nothing gives you the warm and fuzzies more than a hot pot of tea whilst snuggled on the couch with your favourite pyjamas and ultra soft throw rug. What’s even better, is when the tea itself adds to strengthening the immune system and keeping you healthy. So […]