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Brewing a brainstorm


Unfortunately cram time is well underway for those dreaded exams. As a student myself, I have tried just about every herbal remedy I can find, and have compiled a list of my favourite herbs that work, and work WELL!

A strong blend of herbs in a liquid such as brahmi, gotu kola and gingko that have long been well known for cognitive function, clarity, memory and focus. These herbs work by stimulating oxygen flow to the brain as well as helping brain development. As these herbs hold other great medicinal properties, ClariTea is a great health elixir as it is! Available from the Happy Herb Shop for $25 for 50ml (5-10ml per serve).

This luxury tea blend includes some of the herbs mentioned above as well as some other yummy plants. Much like ClariTea, this blend assists with alertness and cognitive function, and is great to sip on while cramming in those late night hours of research. I brew up a big pot of this almost every night while I am studying and I almost cannot study without it now. For an even bigger boost, try squirting 5-10ml of ClariTea into the mix. Available from the Happy Herb Shop for $15 for 40g.

Yerba Mate
Ohhh the Yerba! One of my favourite straight herbal teas. This is a brilliant alternative to coffee without the jitters and crash. Yerba is a herbal tea with more antioxidants that green tea. It is well recommended for students studying and is even a mild appetite suppressant to assist with weight loss, and not to mention those brain-hungry study munchies. Available at most herbal tea, health food and alternative shops.

Most of those who know me would have heard me talk about damiana and would no doubt now be loving it themselves. I cannot stress enough how many people find this herb helps significantly with anxiety and stress. Even some of those most least likely to drink tea swear by damiana as the only thing that has helped. It is also known as a natural anti-depressent, kidney and liver tonic and for some, even a mild aphrodisiac. I have one friend who suffers from anxiety, especially come exam time, and has found damiana to be her saviour. So calm those nerves and relax with a big warm cup of damiana tea – you will notice the difference! Available at the Happy Herb Shop for $12 for 50g or $20 for 100g.

You can also make your own brain teas by buying herbs such as Gotu Kola, Brahmi and ginkgo and mixing them together for a beautiful brain stimulating tea. Any one of those herbs also work on their own.

Peppermint oil

The soothing menthol aroma of burning peppermint oil has been documented to increase focus and clarity. A good trick passed on from a fellow worker, I now burn this refreshing scent every time I have a big load of study ahead. The clear smell of peppermint wakes up my senses and keeps me revived.

One more thing…

Meditation has a massive affect on helping to deal with stress, anxiety, and clearing your mind. You do not have to be a Buddhist or Yogi to learn how to meditate. Simply sit in a quiet place or even lie on your back in bed and listen to your breathing. Whether it be for two minutes or an hour, try and do this every day and you will notice the difference.

I hope this helps. Good luck students!

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