Author: Jade Walker

4 Week Liver Detox eBook

Do you regularly experience: Break-outs, eczema, or other skin complaints Bloating, constipation or discomfort Headaches Mood swings Unexplained ill-health Hormonal disturbances: PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, cravings etc Stagnant weight Fluid retention Exacerbated allergies If yes, it might be time to empty your ‘cup’. And that’s where my 4 Week Liver Detox […]

The Jade Walker Way Podcast

Admittedly and proud of it, Jade’s always loved to talk. So she’s put that knack to good use and combined it with her knowledge to bring you the Jade Walker Way Podcast. With her vivacious passion for health, slight sense of humour, and love for science, this podcast brings you […]

How to increase your energy without coffee

Why are you so tired? And don’t tell me it’s a coffee deficiency! Do you know the top reasons for fatigue that I see clinically are: – Nutrient deficiencies (which we can see in your blood tests)– A specific condition in the gut that many people don’t realise they have – […]