Author: Jade Walker


Here is a list of all the podcasts, interviews, articles and books I’ve been featured in. PODCAST INTERVIEWS BioPractica Professional Podcast S04, episode 1 – Gut health, microbial imbalances, fertility and female reproductive disorders S03, episode 2 – Benefits of using magnesium citrate as part of a holistic treatment plan […]

Top 3 teas to get you through the cold

In our opinion, nothing gives you the warm and fuzzies more than a hot pot of tea whilst snuggled on the couch with your favourite pyjamas and ultra soft throw rug. What’s even better, is when the tea itself adds to strengthening the immune system and keeping you healthy. So […]

The best ever chicken congee

If you’ve never tried congee, then I’m sorry to break it to you my friend, you’ve been deprived. I too felt this same sense of deprivation the moment a friend introduced me to this ultra comforting dish. So what is congee? Also known as “jook”, congee (pronounced con-jee) is a […]