Hi I’m Jade,

Did you know this is the section where most people will talk about themselves in third person, as if they paid someone to write it for them? Trust me I know, because I used to do this too. Classic start-up ‘gotta seem professional’ mentality.

Well I want you to know I’m a real person, and introduce myself honestly.

I’m a degree-qualified Naturopath living in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Ed, and groodle Milly.

Many call me passionate. And this would be perhaps because I’m often willing to get up in front of anyone to tell my story. But really, I’m passionate about helping people get well.

Have you ever felt sick, tired, or not just quite right, yet your doctor tells you you’re ‘fine’. Your bloods seem ‘normal’. Or your condition is a life sentence because they can’t figure it out (e.g chronic fatigue syndrome, fructose malabsorption, hypothyroidism).

Well I’m here to tell you that these are all things I’ve helped people recover from. Without permanent interventions. I love working WITH all health professionals – not against them.

So what exactly do I do?

I do a few things:

  1. My longest running hobbie: making Organic Herbal Teas for retail, wholesale, personalised blends, events, or commissioned projects.
  2. I’m a degree-qualified Naturopath on a mission to show the world what a straight-up no-nonsense Naturopath can do. I consult both one-on-one and through Skype.
  3. I frequently run workshops, talks and other exciting things (such as retreats with www.tidalflow.yoga).

My background is a rather diverse one including a cadetship in journalism, photography, editing, recipe development, radio-hosting (just a small gig in my home town), and of course now; herbal tea making and practicing Naturopathy.

What I do best at these days is motivating and inspiring people take make meaningful changes that add years onto people’s lives.