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Get comfortable because you're about to meet the person that finally gives a damn about your health.

Are you sick of feeling crap, yet your doctor keeps telling you you're fine? Test after test, appointment after appointment, you're still left bewildered because YOU KNOW something's not right, yet no one can give you answers.

Not too long ago that was me. From debilitating period pain that saw me hospitalised twice, to unrelenting fatigue, dizziness and a tight chest that had me in the back of an ambulance hooked up to a heart monitor... to only be sent home saying "everything's fine".

Hundreds of dollars, ultrasounds, medications and pain killers later... and no resolutions. Only prolonged and exacerbated conditions.

What I later discovered was that I had a GIT condition called SIBO (watch my YouTube Video here for more info). For those not familiar with SIBO, it's the cause of up to 80% of IBS cases. But not just IBS, SIBO can be the trigger to a myriad of unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, pain, headaches, dizziness, poor immune health, hormonal imbalances etc... and can be the trigger to certain diseases. Throw in severe fructose malabsorption, and you can begin to imagine how much of a mess my health was.

Going through a 4-year health science degree to become a Naturopath changed the course of my life. It armed me with the information I needed to heal myself, so that I could then heal others.

I now have 3 years of clinical experience including that of working with a diverse range of health professionals including GPs, osteopaths, dieticians, TCM doctor and a medical scientist. This diverse experience has armed me with an in depth and holistic approach to my Naturopathic practice.

As well as practicing, I create organic herbal teas for the Jade Walker tea range (aptly named by my husband when he gifted me this website 5 years ago).

I also have a diverse background that's led me to where I am today including my first career path in journalism, as well as recipe development for shopping centres, editing and photography.

On a personal note, I'm an outgoing, outspoken, passionate tree-hugger living in Geelong with my husband and life-sized teddy bear "Milly" the Groodle.

I hope you enjoy looking around and exploring what I have to offer, and I look forward to seeing you in clinic some time soon!

Wishing you health and happiness,


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