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5 nifty ways to use up lemons

You’ve gotta love lemons.

But one thing I’ll never love is the overpriced value-per-piece in a supermarket, when they readily grow around town.

I was so lucky to have my (soon to be) bro-in-law gift me a HUGE bag of lemons recently.

But seriously, even a lemon-o-holic can’t use up that much in a week.

So what did I do? Find some nifty ways to use them up.

Here are my top five ways to use up lemons when you’ve got them in bucket loads.

P.s lemonade and warm lemon water aren’t one of them.

Lemon ice cubes Jade Walker1. Iced lemon cubes

Squeeze ’em and ice ’em. This way you’ll always have fresh lemon juice to go when you need a fresh squeeze in curries, on fish, or… okay okay… you’re morning warm lemon water (just please, leave the honey out, you don’t need that much sugar every morning unless you’ve got a sore throat).

2. Clean your stove top

When you’ve squeezed all those bad boys, don’t toss the rind straight away. Use each half, flesh side down, to scrub over stubborn marks on the stove top and sink. Then wipe down with a clean damp cloth and she’s sparkling clean and lemony fresh!

Herbal Tea ripped jeans Jade Walker


3. Add to herbal tea

Take your favourite herbal blend to the next level with a good squeeze of lemon juice. We find it goes really well in the Pick Me Up blend. Fresh lemon juice is also a super source of vitamin C to keep your body’s immune system in check.

4. Use instead of salt

I’ll be the first to admit that even as a Health Science student, I struggle to cut back my salt intake. But the number one favourite way to cut back is to use lemon instead. The acidity creates a pleasurable flavour enhancer in place of the old sodium hit, particularly on fish, salads, avo smash, curries and wraps.

5. Clean your microwave

Place a small bowl of water with 1 juiced lemon and microwave for 3 minutes and leave in there for a further 10 minutes to settle. Get yourself a clean cloth and wipe down that grime! Use the same water to dip the cloth if needed. These old wives-tales really do work.

So tell me, what are your favourite ways to use up lemons?

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