4wk ‘Body & Mind Overhaul’ Program

Kick-start, re-energise, and optimise your body in 4 weeks.

Can’t get moving in the morning?

Constantly battling carb and sugar cravings and can’t shift weight?

Want to know what the hell you really should be eating?

This is the overhaul you’ve been looking for.

This 4-Week Complete Body & Mind Overhaul is a rigorous and life-changing program.

Tailored to you, using evidence-based natural health.

As a Bachelor of Health Science-qualified and accredited Naturopath, I will work with you to get to the root of the cause, connect the dots, and help you get well – holistically.


* Better digestion
* More energy and better moods
* Weight loss or management
* Improved skin
* Stronger immune system and reduced allergies
* Tools to eat better, and love it
* Mindfulness Techniques and self-empowerment
* Learn the fundamentals of living a quality life


  • 1x 1 hour initial appointment + Treatment Plan
  • 2x 30 minute follow-up appointments
  • 1x 15 minute consult
  • 1x Diet Analysis + Report
  • $125 worth of tailored nutritional/herbal prescriptions (because no one person is the same)
  • 1x Healthy Recipe Guide with lots of tips, tricks and a meal-plan guide

Worth $562.45 in value – save $112.45

Having several appointments keeps you accountable, and ensures you can ask any new questions and get the support you need. 

AVAILABLE BY PHONE or SKYPE so you don’t have to go anywhere

Also available on site at Health Connection SY and Tidal Flow Yoga – Melbourne.

Don’t wait for another month to go by, to tell yourself you wish you had!


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  1. Amanda Pockett

    Hi Jade. Absolutely loved listening to you today at Tidal Flow.
    I would like to book my son in to see you asap for his first consultation and then my husband once he has his needs addressing. Many thanks Amanda

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