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Hi I'm Jade. I'm a qualified Naturopath and herbal tea maker empowering the world to live healthy lives through delicious healthy food, drinking organic herbal teas, and teaching mindfulness.




See, taste, learn and make. This herbal medicine workshop will leave you inspired to use natural health at home. Hosted at the bright yoga space 'Tidal Flow' in Oakleigh, Melbourne.

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Every function I’ve been to I’ve always been asked to my bring my hummus. So it's time to share the hummus love.

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With winter behind us, it's time for a Spring Detox. This refreshing cleansing tea, has got everything you need to get this kick-started.

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Who is Jade?

Jade Walker is a passionate Naturopath on a mission to make quality evidence-based natural health accessible to the world. Through the Organic Herbal Tea range, private consults (in person or Skype), eBooks and regular public talks, there's a way for everyone to experience Jade's passion, motivation and inspiration.

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  • Is your digestion really ‘normal’?

    As advocates of healthy poos and happy bugs, we as Natural Health Practitioners (NHPs) are always wondering about your gut health. “What colour is your stool?” “Which poo on this diagram would you say yours most likely looks like?” These are common questions you’ll get at a standard initial consult […]

  • Herbal Medicine Workshop – Melbourne

    THIS UNIQUE WORKSHOP INCLUDES: * Learn about the medicinal properties of herbs * Understand how to use herbs for common ailments such as the common cold, bloating, insomnia, anxiety, hormones etc * Free Organic Herbal Tea tastings * Make your own custom herbal tea * Booklet to take home * […]

  • When others are ‘well’ on the same lifestyle that makes you sick

    It’s safe to say we’ve all had this feeling. Confronting the frustration of others being ‘healthy’ on the same diet and lifestyle that makes you unwell. From the high-school teenager staring green-eyed at the slim girl eating a burger and fries daily, whilst you despise your cellulite when you eat […]

  • Endometriosis: my un-diagnosis

    This is a condition very close to my heart And something that breaks my heart is knowing how many woman go through AGONISING pain monthly, not knowing they likely have this condition NOTE: this is very honest and sometimes graphic. So if you get grossed out… then you have to […]

  • Jade’s famous hummus

    The hummus that’s graced many-a-table It’s unbelievable that after the amount of years this humble dip has featured at many dinner parties, I’ve never published it… until now. I think this is because homemade hummus to me, is always my go-to “damn, I’ve got to make something to bring to […]