Ciabatta Restaurant, Townsville – review

Ciabatta Restaurant by Damien Tosh has set the bar high for fine vegan dining in Townsville. With its classy vibe, perfect dim-lighting, immaculate wait-staff, top notch service and their incredible chefs, it was no wonder people have been raving about this restaurant. Finding anywhere that caters for the gourmet vegan […]

JAM Corner – Valentine’s Day

The day of roses and red hearts is exciting to any new budding couple. But for a vegan living in a not-so-vegan-friendly town, there is a slight linger of disappointment. β€œWell where are we going to go for dinner”? ” I guess I will have to cook a 3-course meal […]

Garden of Eating

If you have been craving something a little left of centre in the Townsville cuisine scene, then you must read on. This place is not your usual restaurant; rather a small painted home with an ambient garden lit up by fairy lights at night. There are no trained wait staff […]