Baked Sweet Potato and Zucchini Chips with Smoked Aoli

The snack that got me through study Baked sweet potato chips are one thing…. zuchinni chips are another… But they really are no good unless there’s a creamy aoili to mop them up with. My own rendition of the aoili came about with the recent assignment study procrastination last Sunday. There […]


Low Carb Lettuce Leaf Tacos

Spring is back and so are our clean appetites Time to dust off the winter warmer cravings and eating more fresh and wholesome raw foods again. Now I’m not dissing carbs, because lord only know hows much I love ’em. But this is certainly a delicious tex-mex way to cut […]


Salted Peanut Caramel Slice

Ladies and gents, you won’t regret this one This almost-raw recipe was inspired by the need to make a gluten-free cake for a friend’s birthday. Being vegan, I know only too well what it’s like having a dietary requirement that’s not always catered for. So I often go out of […]


Quick Thai Yellow Pineapple Curry

Vegan Thai yellow pineapple curry from scratch? Ain’t no body go time for dat! well actually… in this case, you do! This curry is so easy, I make it in my lunch break! Whip out any vege you have left in the fridge, chop it up, and throw it in. […]


Portobello Bruschetta Pizzas

This is what you eat when you feel like pizza and bruschetta, but you are on a diet. Or you don’t even need to be on a diet to really desire the tender and juicy texture of these big portbello mushroom bases loaded with a pumped up brusctta topping and […]


REAL Hazelnut Iced Coffee

A few months ago while visiting our future home city, that is the food capital no other than Melbourne, I had the pleasure of experiencing the best hazelnut hot chocolate of my life. Down one of the many cobbled lane ways of the bustling cold city, we met a friend […]