Herbal Tea


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INFUSE: our 3 products for ultimate tea enjoyment.

So you’ve got the ‘erbal, but not the teapot. Not a problem. Jade has you sorted with these three tea infusion options for your favourite herbal tea. 1. INFUSION THERMOS FLASKS Keep it hot or keep it cool baby. These double-walled infusion thermos keep your tea cozy all day long, […]


5 nifty ways to use up lemons

You’ve gotta love lemons. But one thing I’ll never love is the overpriced value-per-piece in a supermarket, when they readily grow around town. I was so lucky to have my (soon to be) bro-in-law gift me a HUGE bag of lemons recently. But seriously, even a lemon-o-holic can’t use up […]


Brewing a brainstorm

  Unfortunately cram time is well underway for those dreaded exams. As a student myself, I have tried just about every herbal remedy I can find, and have compiled a list of my favourite herbs that work, and work WELL! CalriTea A strong blend of herbs in a liquid such […]


It is common practice for the average population to get their annual jab from the docs amidst the cold and flu season. I never knew any different. I always dreaded this miserable time of year. One of my petty gripes was every third person complaining they had the flu, when […]