100 days of exercise

I’m embarking on a 100 day exercise challenge for 30 minutes per day… ….and I want you to join me. To ensure this idea works, I’ve collected some stats, collected expert advice, and compiled some nifty lists andΒ ideas. So why 30 minutes for 100 days? In my field of health, […]

5 nifty ways to use up lemons

You’ve gotta love lemons. But one thing I’ll never love is the overpriced value-per-piece in a supermarket, when they readily grow around town. I was so lucky to have my (soon to be) bro-in-law gift me a HUGE bag of lemons recently. But seriously, even a lemon-o-holic can’t use up […]


The ‘doctors vs natural health’ debate is outdated

  Unfortunately the natural health industry has gained a bit of a bad name lately with so-called ‘quacks’ making some unforgivable errors. The biggest problem with the media hype, out of context stories, uneducated opinion writers and the fast social media ‘shares’ that follow, is that they miss one BIG […]

The path to finding myself

On the outside I have always upheld my usual confident smile, drive to succeed and loyalty as a friend and partner. I go out of my way to help a friend in need, or even a complete stranger to ensure everyone is happy. I take on any job opportunity that […]

Get back on the bandwagon

Moving interstate can be an exciting time, but with the big move also comes a disorganised regime. It started about five weeks ago. My rhythm was completely thrown out of whack while trying to study full time, finish my last hours at work and pack up our things. No way […]

Shed those last few kilos

Do you need to shed those annoying last few kilos? You have completely lost that awesome motivation “I had last year”, “when I was in high school” or “before I was so busy”. Oh my gosh, SAME. These last couple of months with mountains of study, sitting down all day, […]