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10 Meals To Cook When Your Vego Friend Comes ’round

A friend asked me recently what she should cook for dinner as her vegetarian friend was coming over. This question is common. So I thought, I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a predominantly plant-based eater if I didn’t provide this handy list for those who aren’t sure where to […]

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100 days of exercise

I’m embarking on a 100 day exercise challenge for 30 minutes per day… ….and I want you to join me. To ensure this idea works, I’ve collected some stats, collected expert advice, and compiled some nifty lists and ideas. So why 30 minutes for 100 days? In my field of health, […]


Low Carb Lettuce Leaf Tacos


 Spring is back and so are our clean appetites Time to dust off the winter warmer cravings and eating more fresh and wholesome raw foods again. Now I’m not dissing carbs, because lord only know hows much I love ’em. But this is certainly a delicious tex-mex way to cut […]


Time-poor or poor time?


  Go on. Say it once more. “I just don’t have time for anything”. Because that will be the last time you say it after you read this. Feel better? Did that satisfy your daily addiction to justify why you don’t; Exercise Take that class you always wanted Cook dinner […]

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My ethical dilemma

Even before I reached for the laptop my heart started beating. Because I knew it was time to finally write this blog.   I tilt my head back and take a big deep breath in, then stare at the candle on my coffee table a little while longer to put […]