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5 nifty ways to use up lemons

You’ve gotta love lemons. But one thing I’ll never love is the overpriced value-per-piece in a supermarket, when they readily grow around town. I was so lucky to have my (soon to be) bro-in-law gift me a HUGE bag of lemons recently. But seriously, even a lemon-o-holic can’t use up that much in a week. […]


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10 Meals To Cook When Your Vego Friend Comes ’round

A friend asked me recently what she should cook for dinner as her vegetarian friend was coming over. This question is common. So I thought, I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a predominantly plant-based eater if I didn’t provide this handy list for those who aren’t sure where to start. After all, we ‘are’ […]



Changing HEALTH, one TEACUP at a time

Jade's fusion of food and herbs brings you:

• Hand-crafted herbal organic herbal teas.
• Healthy, delicious (yet sometimes naughty) recipes.
• Personal one-on-one health coaching consults.
Jade is also a freelance recipe writer for shopping centres across Australia, and appears in weekly health webinars for 'Revolution Health Clubs'. Bringing you evidence based knowledge, she also studies a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). For wholesale, consults or other enquires email info@jadewalker.com.au.